About Us

We are an ever-expanding group of like-minded individuals whose collective conscience struggles with the suffering that so many of the worlds children are forced to endure. No child deserves to fall victim to the hell that is malaria. No child deserves to die of thirst.

But they do fall victim. & it happens more than most of us realize.

Quite possibly the most difficult & inspiring aspect of all is that most of these ailments are preventable…. We can actually make a difference!!

Groups of ‘enlightened’ people are popping up all over the world in an effort to positively effect change. We are one such group.

Our board of directors consists of a small & ever-evolving group of friends who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Many of us come from a background of giving & that desire to help along with the many needs in our world are what inspire us.

Mike Reilly – Founder & Humanitarian

Sarah Reilly – Co-Founder & Spiritual Advisor

Scott Resnikoff – Board Member & Multi-Media Producer

Jennifer Radaich – Board Member & Legal Counsel

John Moyer – Board Member & All-Around Swell Guy

Andrea Bigler – Board Member & Kind Soul


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